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Nitra - V sobotu hrali naši futbalisti v Nitre a skupina cca 40tich magorov sa rozhodla, že si tento deň spríjemní práve výjazdom na nový štadión pod Zoborom. Cesta prebiehala na naše pomery dosť tradične, nejaká tá hudba, tanečky a drinčeky boli dobrým predpokladom, že aj v tomto počte sa v sektore hostí kvalitne zabavíme. No a tak aj bolo. Už od začiatku až do samého konca zápasu sme hnali našich zverencov vpred a pravdepodobne aj vďaka domácemu prostrediu, ktoré sme im vytvorili, zvíťazila Žilina v Nitre 2:0. Po príchode do Žiliny nám teda nič nebránilo zavŕšiť perfektnú sobotu ďalšími drinčekmi v centre mesta.



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16.10. 2017 MŠK ŽILINA – FC Nitra
14.3. 2012 FC Nitra – MŠK ŽILINA
26.9. 2011 MŠK ŽILINA – FC Nitra
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9.11. 2010 FC Nitra – MŠK ŽILINA
8.8. 2010 MŠK ŽILINA – FC Nitra
21.3. 2010 MŠK ŽILINA – FC Nitra


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    However, these values can be misleading when comparing two projectors side by side. That’s because of other factors that aren’t taken into account when establishing brightness and contrast measurements. The Web site Projector Central has a Projection Calculator to aid you in comparing projector models based on where and how you plan to set them up. The calculator lets you drag to adjust either the projected image size or the throw distance, which is the distance the light travels between the projector and the screen. Then, it shows you the recommended seating distance from the projected image and the maximum lighting you can have in the room for best results. Aspect ratio and resolution should be factors in your purchase no matter where you plan to set up your new video projector. Brightness and contrast, though, vary in importance based on where and how you’re setting up the projector. Brightness is more important for larger settings, like conference rooms or lecture halls.|Specific configurations of the new FTIR systems are specifically suited to the surface and chemical analysis of material areas and substance imaging or mapping. FTIR is very good for the top and chemical evaluation of different kinds of materials such as polymers, organic and natural materials etc as this device give molecular home elevators the compound. Infrared spectroscopy in a chemical analysis testing lab exploits the actual fact substances vibrate at correct frequencies that match discrete vibration settings. These vibration methods are correct to every molecule that can be useful to identify them exactly. FTIR analysis consists of passing through an example of beam having various infrared optical frequencies or in reflecting the beam from the test surface and at the same time calculating the light consumed at regular intervals. The infrared sign that is decided on can be an interferogram. If required, this process can be repeated several times to raised the noises and the transmission ratio of the ultimate variety. Three hours after Putin gave his order, Russia’s Defence Ministry said it had taken out military infrastructure at Ukrainian airbases and degraded its air defences. Earlier, Ukrainian media reported that military command centres in Kyiv and Kharkiv had been struck by missiles, while Russian troops had landed in the port cities of Odessa and Mariupol. A Reuters witness later heard three loud blasts in Mariupol. Russia announced it was shutting all shipping in the Sea of Azov. Russia controls the strait leading into the sea where Ukraine has ports, including Mariupol. Ukraine appealed to Turkey to bar Russian ships from the straits connecting the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. Queues of people waited to withdraw money and buy supplies of food and water in Kyiv. Traffic was jammed going west out of the city of three million people, toward the distant Polish border. Western countries have been preparing for the likelihood of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians fleeing an assault. By mid-morning, traffic was at a standstill on the four-lane main road to the western city of Lviv. Cars stretched back for dozens of kilometres, Reuters witnesses said. [url=http://cleantalkorg2.ru/article?08-05-2022-zvo789]china [/url]

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    This led video game giant Nintendo to focus on the rapidly growing demographic. Since then, Nintendo has released the equally popular Brain Age 2. There are word and math puzzles, a piano-playing game, Sudoku and even a voice-recognition rock/paper/scissors game. After completing a series of challenges, the system reveals your “Brain Age” which, participants hope, is not any older than their real age. The Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus are both popular with baby boomers. May 2008, it also turned gaming into a way to keep the body fit. Although most boomers are still a long way from thinking about nursing homes, they’ll be encouraged to know that the Wii Fit game systems are even finding their way into those facilities, helping residents do something they never could in their youth — use a video game to stay limber and strong. If exercising along with an avatar on TV is still not enough motivation to get boomers moving, there’s a game on the Wii that should get the job done: Just Dance. So just what, exactly, will all this information about your engine’s oil tell you? And what will that do for you? If you send your oil sample to a lab for analysis, technicians will check for lots of things, including the presence of metals and other elements, such as aluminum, chromium, iron, copper, lead, calcium and more. If certain materials are abnormally high in your oil, it could point to excessive wear in a certain engine part. The Total Base Number (TBN), which lets you know how much of the additives — chemicals that enhance the oil’s effectiveness — remain. Having this knowledge beforehand could save you lots of money and aggravation, as it gives you time to catch problems before they result in a catastrophic failure on your vehicle (like an engine seizing up). The results also let you know if the oil is excessively contaminated with fuel, water or antifreeze, all of which reduce the oil’s ability to lubricate your engine effectively. [url=http://cleantalkorg2.ru/article?08-05-2022-zvo789]bbc pashto [/url]

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    Although the video game industry can carry on remotely, the COVID-19 pandemic still threw a wrench into game launches and studios’ plans. Nonetheless, huge, highly anticipated titles, from Final Fantasy VII Remake to Ghost of Tsushima, still managed to hit shelves. And, without a doubt, Nintendo’s latest Animal Crossing title proved to be a saving grace for folks needing an escape (not to mention, the cause of a worldwide Switch shortage). All of this to say, 2020 has been a shockingly solid year for games (and TV and literally nothing else), but despite the wealth of top-tier games, there are a few titles that tower above the rest. Here are our picks for the year’s best video games. Although most Switch owners have been sinking time into Animal Crossing: New Horizons, an escapist game that’s been giving players a sense of routine during a turbulent time, they should hit pause on the life sim and hang with gaming’s favorite plumber in Paper Mario: The Origami King. As a result, in November 2011, it was recommended that additional safety measures be implemented at the Cattenom facility. Droughts that drain those rivers are a serious concern in France. The water shortages resulting from drought can potentially compromise reactor cooling at the majority of its nuclear complexes. Paluel generates more than electricity, however. What’s more, the Paluel and Penly nuclear power plants are actively involved in agricultural recycling experiments in the Seine-Maritime County. For example, since 2003, sludge from the wastewater treatment plants at Paluel has been used to generate compost for reed beds and Penly provides algae to companies who use it for recycling into fertilizer. Gravelines nuclear power plant cemented its place in history on Aug. 27, 2010, when it delivered its 1,000 billionth kilowatt-hour of electricity. The French facility isn’t the biggest or oldest power plant in the world. How, then, does it manage to consistently churn out power in order to reach the historic milestone before its contemporaries?|Poland is among the ancient nations that was formed around 10th century. It actually is Central Europe, east of Europe and most of other area being a flat plane and mountains along the south border. Warsaw is the capital of Poland which was completely destroyed in World War II and was rebuilt from scratch again. Royal Castle of Warsaw which was reconstructed after the world war is actually a ought to see attraction. The Lazienky Palace ought to also be not missed which has an open air theatre and Chopin’s monument. Krakow is the second biggest city of Poland stands as a witness to its medieval era. Poland has a powerful liking to music and theatre and therefore home to many theatres and opera houses. Common Polish Cuisines consist of Zrazy Zawijane (mushroom-stuffed beefsteak rolls in sour cream) served with boiled kasza (buckwheat) and pigs’ knuckles. The populace of Poland is roughly 38.5 million. The official language being spoken is Polish.5 million and the official language being spoken is Polish. [url=http://cleantalkorg2.ru/article?08-05-2022-zvo789]chupacabra [/url]

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    What can music mixing software programs do? What are the major types of music mixing software? And, what are the top-selling titles? Keep reading to find out. What is Music Mixing Software? DJs use music mixing software to create loops that can be performed in any order. DJ Nino performs at the Latin Grammy street party. Music mixing software is the creative engine behind loop-based music. In electronic and dance music, a loop is a short sample of music that can be repeated and combined with other loops to be used in the recording studio and for live sound engineering. Musicians and DJs can create their own loops using both traditional and virtual instruments or they can download loops from extensive digital libraries of drum beats, synthesizer patterns, bass lines, guitar riffs, vocal shouts and more. A loop can also be a sample of someone else’s music, like the chorus of a hit pop song.|When you’re on a mission to create a video for marketing, for business or any other favored purpose, then you’ll come across thousands of animation video companies who are ready to do your job! But how do you know which one is the best? One way to narrow down the search is by looking at other videos of your choice and track the company that made them. Chances are your search will filter down to 4-5 studios you’re most likely to approach. But before you sign anything, there are questions other than budget and timing that you must ask each one on your list. What is your video making rate per month? Now, there are companies that make 10 videos per month, on an average majority of them make 2-10 videos monthly. Yes, knowing this is important before you go and make a choice as an animation video company that churns out 100 videos per month might not be able to provide close customer service as the one that produces 2-10 a month. Ever wonder how your camera knows what you’re looking at? See more cool camera stuff pictures. ­ Autofocus is that great time saver that is found in one form or another on most cameras today. In most cases, it helps improve the quality of the pictures we take. In this article, you will learn about the two most common forms of autofocus, and find out how to determine which type of autofocus your camera uses. You will also learn some valuable tips about preventing the main causes of blurred pictures when using an autofocus camera. How Do I Know Which Autofocus System My Camera Has? Is Autofocus Always Accurate and Faster? When Should I Use Manual Focus? Autofocus (AF) really could be called power-focus, as it often uses a computer to run a miniature motor that focuses the lens for you. Focusing is the moving of the lens in and out until the sharpest possible image of the subject is projected onto the film. [url=http://cleantalkorg2.ru/article?08-05-2022-zvo789]election results map [/url]

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    It’s a natural part of living in the information age: You start to feel sick, so you Google your symptoms. Both the common cold and the flu will make you feel miserable, and because both are respiratory infections with similar symptoms – coughing, aching, headache, you know the drill – it can be difficult to know which one has you in its grip. Every year, anywhere from five to 20 percent of the U.S. While many sufferers will find relief in over-the-counter medicines, influenza can be serious. Influenza-related complications may require hospitalization, and sometimes complications can be fatal. Influenza, together with pneumonia (both are lower respiratory infections), ranked as the eighth leading cause of death in the U.S. For its tracking purposes, the CDC considers a fever of at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8 degrees Celsius) with a cough and/or a sore throat to be an ILI. Beginning on the 40th week of the year – which is the beginning of the October to May flu season – the CDC distributes weekly influenza activity reports.|Beginning in the 1960s, a rising number of scientists turned to the study of dinosaurs as a career-despite the low pay. Also, more museums and universities developed dinosaur research programs. Since the ’60s, the number of known dinosaurs species has more than doubled, and our understanding of dinosaurs greatly increased. The United States and Canada became home to the most vigorous dinosaur research in the world. The Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology in Alberta is located in the middle of a fertile dinosaur burial ground. Led by Philip J. Currie, Tyrrell researchers found bone beds that apparently were the remains of dinosaur herds. These provided information about growth changes, individual differences, disease, and herd structure. Homer discovered hatchling duckbilled dinosaurs, dinosaur eggs, embryos, and nesting grounds in Montana’s Two Medicine Formation. One kind of egg belonged to a duckbilled dinosaur that he and Robert Makela named Maiasaura. Another egg was from a small ornithischian dinosaur that he. David B. Weishampel called Orodromeus. Off-peak cooling systems don’t only shift the demand for power to a different time of day, they create a more stable cooling environment that can deliver the same cooling capacity with less energy consumption. They bring less efficient, dirtier plants on line if they need them and buy energy from other power plants on the grid at premium prices, passing those charges along to their customers. They also expand their facilities when they can’t meet current or projected demand. Making the energy grid more efficient by distributing the demand for electricity and reducing energy consumption by running air conditioning at optimal performance reduces greenhouse gas emissions and forestalls the need for more energy plants to handle the load. On the next page, we’ll take a look at how off-peak cooling systems can work at night and still cool the air during the hottest part of the day. These coils circulate ethylene or propylene glycol. [url=http://cleantalkorg2.ru/article?08-05-2022-zvo789]caste system [/url]

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    A blind woman sits in a chair holding a video camera focused on a scientist sitting in front of her. She has a device in her mouth, touching her tongue, and there are wires running from that device to the video camera. The woman has been blind since birth and doesn’t really know what a rubber ball looks like, but the scientist is holding one. And when he suddenly rolls it in her direction, she puts out a hand to stop it. The blind woman saw the ball. Well, not exactly through her tongue, but the device in her mouth sent visual input through her tongue in much the same way that seeing individuals receive visual input through the eyes. In both cases, the initial sensory input mechanism — the tongue or the eyes — sends the visual data to the brain, where that data is processed and interpreted to form images. Scene Background Initialization (SBI) remains an important task in the field of scene background modeling, and it has a wide range of applications, such as video surveillance, video segmentation, video compression, video inpainting, privacy protection for videos, computation photography, and so on. In real scenes, there exist challenges to achieve this aim such as sudden illumination changes, night videos, low framerate, dynamic background, camera jitter, and so on. In order to address these challenges, various background modeling methods have been proposed over the last few decades. Background modeling approaches based on deep learning have been developed in recent years. Random Access Memory (RAM) based neural network method to identify sections of the background scene in each test image. However, this approach requires the background of the scene to be correctly represented by the images, and there is no background maintenance stage. Self Organizing Background Subtraction (SOBS) which learns background motion trajectories in a self organizing manner. CNN-based approach to obtain the initial background of a scene by using just a small set of frames containing foreground objects. [url=http://cleantalkorg2.ru/article?08-05-2022-zvo789]caso paulette [/url]

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    IR-2021-249, December 15, 2021 – The Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Department announced today that millions of American families will soon receive their final advance Child Tax Credit (CTC) payment for the month of December. IR-2021-248, December 14, 2021 – Victims of this weekend’s tornadoes in Kentucky will have until May 16, 2022, to file various individual and business tax returns and make tax payments, the Internal Revenue Service announced today. IR-2021-247, December 13, 2021 – The Internal Revenue Service joined today with several leading nonprofit groups to highlight a special tax provision that allows more people to deduct donations to qualifying charities on their 2021 federal income tax return. IR-2021-246, December 10, 2021 – The Internal Revenue Service today updated frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the 2020 Recovery Rebate Credit (FS-2021-17). IR-2021-244, December 8, 2021 – The Internal Revenue Service is seeking qualified applicants for nomination to the Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee (ETAAC). In 1763, a British army general ordered that blankets used on smallpox patients be sent to American Indian tribes. British Revolutionary War troops would also infect themselves with traces of smallpox, rendering themselves immune, in hopes of passing the disease along to the enemy. During World War I, Germans infected livestock headed for the Allies with anthrax. Even though the attack proved to be unsuccessful, it led to the creation of the Geneva Protocol in 1925. This prohibited the use of biological and chemical agents during wartime, while allowing research and development of these agents to continue. The British and German armies may have dabbled in biological warfare, but the Japanese went full steam ahead in the years that preceded World War II. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians were killed by biological means at the hands of the Japanese army. One of these attacks included dropping paper bags containing plague-infested fleas from low-flying airplanes. [url=http://cleantalkorg2.ru/article?08-05-2022-zvo789]bbc ti?ng vi?t [/url]

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    Samuel Bendett, a research analyst who follows Russian robotics at CNA, a nonprofit research and analysis organization based in Arlington, Va., says in an email that FEDOR was first developed in 2016 by Russia’s Foundation of Advanced Studies, that country’s equivalent of the Pentagon’s research arm, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA. It was envisioned as a multi-purpose robot for work in dangerous environments – such as places with chemical or radioactive contamination, and natural disasters – on Earth, as well as for use in space. Unlike simpler Russian robots and drones, the android is designed for jobs where multitasking is required, he said. Alex Ellery, an associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Canada’s Carleton University who worked on the European Space Agency’s ExoMars robotic rover, says that FEDOR, because of its complexity, faces some difficult challenges operating in space. Judging from photos, “it’s a pretty sophisticated kit,” he explains. Putin’s vitriolic speech on February 21, questioning Ukraine’s sovereignty and historical foundations, sounded ominous. The coming days will show where we are heading. Moscow was purposefully ambiguous on the critical issue of where DNR and LNR’s western borders lie. But on February 22, Putin stated that the administrative regions, two-thirds of which are still controlled by Kyiv, belong to the newly recognised entities. In the meantime, the Federation Council, the upper chamber of the parliament, authorised the use of military force abroad. We may be on the brink of a major showdown. Taken together, Putin’s decisions mean that Russia has declared war on Ukraine. And once the hostilities start, the Kremlin could order troops to take Kyiv as well as other big urban centres in the south and the east of the country, carry out regime change and install a puppet government. Will the Russian plan work? In the short term, there is little that can stop Putin.|Russia has launched an all-out invasion of Ukraine by land, air and sea, the biggest attack by one state against another in Europe since World War II and confirmation of the worst fears of the West. The attacks began on Thursday after Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a televised address that he had approved a “special military operation”. The move came after Moscow earlier recognised rebel-held territories in Luhansk and Donetsk and said they had asked for its “help”. Russian missiles rained down on Ukrainian cities. Ukraine reported columns of troops pouring across its borders into the eastern Chernihiv, Kharkiv and Luhansk regions, and landing by sea at the cities of Odesa and Mariupol in the south. Russian troops attacked Ukraine from Belarus as well as Russia with Belarusian support, and an attack was also being launched from annexed Crimea, Ukraine’s border guard service said. Explosions could be heard before dawn in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. Gunfire rattled out near the main airport. [url=http://cleantalkorg2.ru/article?08-05-2022-zvo789]venezuela [/url]

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