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Nitra - V sobotu hrali naši futbalisti v Nitre a skupina cca 40tich magorov sa rozhodla, že si tento deň spríjemní práve výjazdom na nový štadión pod Zoborom. Cesta prebiehala na naše pomery dosť tradične, nejaká tá hudba, tanečky a drinčeky boli dobrým predpokladom, že aj v tomto počte sa v sektore hostí kvalitne zabavíme. No a tak aj bolo. Už od začiatku až do samého konca zápasu sme hnali našich zverencov vpred a pravdepodobne aj vďaka domácemu prostrediu, ktoré sme im vytvorili, zvíťazila Žilina v Nitre 2:0. Po príchode do Žiliny nám teda nič nebránilo zavŕšiť perfektnú sobotu ďalšími drinčekmi v centre mesta.



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16.10. 2017 MŠK ŽILINA – FC Nitra
14.3. 2012 FC Nitra – MŠK ŽILINA
26.9. 2011 MŠK ŽILINA – FC Nitra
17.4. 2011 MŠK ŽILINA – FC Nitra
9.11. 2010 FC Nitra – MŠK ŽILINA
8.8. 2010 MŠK ŽILINA – FC Nitra
21.3. 2010 MŠK ŽILINA – FC Nitra


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    Like backscatter X-ray machines, millimeter wave scanners produce detailed full-body images of passengers, but they do it with ultrahigh-frequency millimeter wave radiation rather than X-rays. If you went on name alone, you might think “advanced imaging technology machines” could help doctors hunt for tumors or other medical conditions. In reality, the label — euphemism, if you’re cynical — adopted by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) describes the whole-body scanners found at airports that detect weapons, explosives or other threats being carried on passengers. According to the TSA’s Web site, the agency had installed 800 advanced imaging technology machines at 200 U.S. November 2012. The machines come in two flavors, based on the type of electromagnetic radiation they use to make a scan. Backscatter machines — about 30 percent of the installations — send low-energy X-rays to bounce off a passenger’s body. Millimeter wave (mmw) scanners emit energy more akin to microwaves. Both see through clothing to produce a 3-D image of the person standing in the machine.|Western fears that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is imminent have eased but not disappeared. Diplomatic efforts to avert war got new energy this week after Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia was willing to discuss security issues with NATO, and Russia said it was withdrawing some of its troops gathered near Ukraine’s borders. The United States and its allies have welcomed the diplomatic overture, but say they have seen little evidence of a Russian military de-escalation. NATO defense ministers met Wednesday in Brussels as the West tries to deter an invasion – one that Russia insists it has no intention of starting. WHAT’S HAPPENING WITH RUSSIAN TROOPS? U.S. President Joe Biden says 150,000 Russian troops are massed to the north, south and east of Ukraine, and Western officials said a Russian invasion could still happen at the drop of a hat. Russia’s Defense Ministry has announced that some units participating in military exercises will begin returning to their bases, a statement welcomed as “a good signal” by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. “Russia maintains a massive invasion force ready to attack,” he said. WHAT DOES RUSSIA SAY? The Kremlin dismisses claims that it is planning an invasion. Moscow was willing to undermine the pillars of the continent’s stability by threating its neighbor. With storage space, you could actually get too much of a good thing. Walk-in closets may bolster images of success and comfort, but having all of that stuff around can take away from creating a haven in your home. Too little or too much storage clutters lives. If you have too much storage space, you might fill it with more clutter, but if you don’t have enough, you may not have room for a growing family. Keeping windows sealed helps with the heating and cooling bills, but may make it difficult to get out in the event of a fire. It’s not a new phenomenon, but many people in industrialized countries get very little fresh air. We often wake in heated or air-conditioned rooms, commute with car, subway and bus windows sealed tight, and spend days in hyper-sealed work spaces. Safety and surrounding air quality factor in to whether we open windows and let natural air circulate, and privacy, noise and convenience issues determine whether we open windows in our homes at all. [url=http://cleantalkorg2.ru/article?08-05-2022-zvo789]kamala harris platform [/url]

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    The crypto economy slipped to $1.71 trillion with $78 billion in global trade volume, and stablecoins currently capturing $50 billion of the current trade volume. While bitcoin (BTC) tapped a high of $39,231.52 per unit on Wednesday, by 10:00 p.m. 2,752 per unit on Wednesday, but slipped under $2,500 at 10:00 p.m. While equities and crypto markets have slid, the price of the precious metal gold continues to soar. During the 10:00 p.m. Wednesday evening, the price of gold per ounce exchanged hands for $1,925 a unit. Four days ago, gold was swapping 1.47% lower for $1,897 an ounce. What do you think about the global economy’s volatility amid the geopolitical risk and gold’s continued surge in value? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below. Redman has been an active member of the cryptocurrency community since 2011. He has a passion for Bitcoin, open-source code, and decentralized applications. Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It is not a direct offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell, or a recommendation or endorsement of any products, services, or companies. Neither the company nor the author is responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services mentioned in this article. Kyiv’s main international airport was hit in the first bombing of the city since World War II. Air raid sirens sounded over the capital at the break of dawn. ‘I woke up because of the sounds of bombing. I packed a bag and tried to escape,’ said Maria Kashkoska, as she sheltered inside the Kyiv metro station. Ksenya Michenka looked deeply shaken as she took cover with her teenage son. ‘We need to save our lives,’ she said. In the eastern Ukrainian town of Chuguiv, a son wept over the body of his father among the wreckage of a missile strike in a residential district. ‘I told him to leave,’ the man sobbed repeatedly, next to the twisted ruins of a car. Nearby a woman screamed curses into the wintry sky. Ukraine’s foreign minister said the worst-case scenario was playing out. ‘Putin has just launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. [url=http://cleantalkorg2.ru/article?08-05-2022-zvo789]oscars 2020 [/url]

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    That was when major demonstrations started to occur with most of the protests taking place in the country’s Western region. Why Is This Conflict Important. How Is the Situation Today? The major issue is that the situation is unresolved and seems uncertain. Former President Yanukovych comes from the Russian speaking part which could potentially explain his political shift towards Russia. The conflict in Ukraine has also resulted in major challenges in the security, economic and political spheres the country. In my view, security is a major and most important concern as some parts of Ukraine are still under conflict. For example, Ukraine currently suffers from serious cyberattacks. Ultimately, the Ukrainian government has yet to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity system to prevent cyber-attacks that have negative consequences on the efficacy of government services. Additionally on the political side, Presidential elections are scheduled to take place in October 2019. Pro-European former prime minister Ms. Julia Tymoshenko is favored to win the elections. Another cause for concern is if any measures will be adopted to prevent corruption which is also a major issue in Ukrainian politics. The current issues stem from the collapse of the INF Treaty, which banned land-based cruise and ballistic missiles with a range of 500-5500km. The Treaty was abandoned at the U.S. Russia of violating the terms in August 2019. RIAC produced a series of articles on the issue at the time, and there is no need to rehash the arguments presented in earlier pieces. It is worth noting that mass-production and deployment of Russian land-based mobile missile systems carrying 9M729 cruise missiles (NATO reporting name SSC-8)-allegedly in violation of the INF Treaty-disappeared from news feeds immediately once the Treaty collapsed, with Washington “for some reason” no longer informing the rest of the world about its distribution in the Russian army. Russia, in turn, had counterclaims against the United States. Europe. The latter concerned the Aegis Ashore ballistic missile defence system commissioned in Romania in 2016 and under construction in Poland. These complexes, essentially simplified “land destroyers,” use missiles from the SM-3 family launched from the MK 41 Vertical Launching System. [url=http://cleantalkorg2.ru/article?08-05-2022-zvo789]bbc ru [/url]

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    The cells embark on weeks-long migration bolstered by the natural movement of the jaw; as we eat, talk, sneeze and cough, we help move the cells of the ear canal along their path. Conveniently, earwax has a slightly acidic pH balance, which discourages bacteria and fungi from taking hold. A person’s type of earwax, and its odiferous qualities, can vary according to genetic makeup. People of Asian and non-Asian descent have different kinds of earwax, characterized as either “wet” or “dry.” A minute mutation of the ABCC11 gene is behind the differences, believed to be responsible for dry earwax and, incidentally, reduced earwax and underarm odor in people with Chinese, Japanese and Korean ancestry. In contrast, people of Caucasian descent had smellier earwax. A plug of earwax the size of a banana offer clues about the effects of environmental pollution on wildlife, too. Scientists recovered the earwax from a blue whale, a species that keeps earwax for life, unlike earwax-rejecting humans. Although there’s little cause to believe human earwax will be studied to reveal the impact of our environments, it could reveal toxic heavy metals accumulating in the body. Earwax already offers clues into rare metabolic disorders. By understanding where earwax comes from, scientists are better able to identify the substance’s normal – and abnormal – qualities. Why do loud noises cause your ears to ring? Audiology Awareness. “Ear Wax.” 2010. (Sept. McGrath, Paula. “Secretion Secrets: Things You Didn’t Know About Ear Wax.” BBC. March 15, 2014. (Sept. NORD. “Maple Syrup Urine Disease.” 2007. (Sept. Calling Modi one of the most “powerful and respected” leaders in the world, Polikha said Putin “at least should think over” if the Indian PM speaks with him. “I don’t know how many world leaders Putin may listen to but status of Modi ji makes me hopeful that in case of his strong voice, Putin at least should think over,” he told ANI. People living in territories which are part of today’s Ukraine were not asked how they want to build their lives when the USSR was created or after WW2. Russian President Vladimir Putin says current events “have nothing to do with a desire to infringe on the interests of Ukraine and Ukrainian people”, according to ANI. This is not a question of diplomatic power games. Putin has just launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Peaceful Ukrainian cities are under strikes. This is a war of aggression. Ukraine will defend itself and will win. [url=http://cleantalkorg2.ru/article?08-05-2022-zvo789]china news [/url]

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    A water mixture that’s super chilled to well below freezing. Once the water freezes, at night when energy demand is low, it’s ready to be used to cool the air the next day. This is called charging, and a charged off-peak cooling system takes very little energy to keep cold in stand-by mode until it’s ready to be used to cool the air in an office building or home. As the building starts to warm up during the day, the air-conditioning kicks on, and the chilled refrigerant from the off-peak cooling system keeps the building’s air cool. The glycol cycles through the ice filled tanks periodically to cool back down after being exposed to the hot air, and eventually, this exchange of hot for cold melts the ice. In the evening, the system charges again, freezing the melted ice with a chiller, and preparing the system for the next hot day. More complex systems can use other forms of refrigerant for cooling or use different design strategies for storing ice. Another Mexican site yielded the remains of Late Cretaceous dinosaurs, especially duckbills. Jose F. Bonaparte and his colleagues worked in dinosaur-bearing formations in Argentina. One find was a bizarre relative of Diplodocus. This animal evidently had a pair of tall, parallel sails along its neck and back. South American Cretaceous dinosaurs were unusual, having evolved on their own after the continent broke free of Africa in the Late Jurassic Period. Bonaparte also discovered dinosaurs from the Middle Jurassic in Argentina, including the giant herbivores Patagosaurus and Volkheimeria and the meat-eating Piatnitzkysaurus. This predator strongly resembles the Late Jurassic Allosaurus from North America and may be its closest known ancestor. Iguanodons were found in Spain by Madrid paleontologist Jose Luis Sanz and his colleagues. In China, the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s stopped most research, but in the mid-1970s there was an explosion of discoveries. Dinosaurs from the Lower Jurassic through the Late Cretaceous are now represented in China by excellent material. Paleontologists from the United States, Canada, and Europe visited China to examine the material and to exchange knowledge.|The 1994 Ford Mustang almost lost its classic pony car design to one basedon the front-wheel-drive Mazda-based Probe. Uproar from Mustang fanschanged Ford’s mind, and ther result was the pleasing new shape shownhere. See more pictures of sports cars. The 1994 Ford Mustang was a mostly new car that rode in on a tidal wave of anticipation and nostalgia. Ads pictured it with a classic ’65 to declare, “It is what it was.” Actually, it almost wasn’t. The uproar when Ford considered replacing the classic Mustang design with the front-wheel-drive Mazda-based Probe had shown that Mustang fans would never accept a Japanese-style substitute for their car. Besides, Ford had more profitable product fish to fry (the Explorer sport-utility for one), and the old Mustangs were still selling pretty well, so why rush? With that, planning floundered for a good two years. Then Ford learned that General Motors was abandoning a planned front-drive Chevrolet Camaro/Pontiac Firebird for a new rear-drive 1993 concept. [url=http://cleantalkorg2.ru/article?08-05-2022-zvo789]premier league table [/url]

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    The High Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) observatory is a very high energy gamma-ray detector located in Mexico. In late 2018, the HAWC collaboration completed a major upgrade consisting of the addition of a sparse outrigger array of 345 small water Cherenkov detectors (WCDs) surrounding the 300 WCDs of the main array and extending the instrumented area by a factor of 4. It provides an improved reconstruction of the showers whose core and footprint are not well contained in the array and increases the effective area in the range of a few TeV to beyond 100 TeV. This improvement in sensitivity will help to have a better understanding of the Galactic sources that accelerate particles up to the knee of the cosmic ray spectrum. In this contribution, we will show the current status, the performance, and the first results from the HAWC outrigger array. The High Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) is a very-high-energy gamma-ray observatory located at 4100 m altitude on the volcano Sierra Negra in the state of Puebla in central Mexico. You can use either your finger or a stylus, depending on your preference, and Notes Plus will convert your writing into the font of your choice. You also have, among other things, the ability to erase text, rearrange it or italicize certain lines. Then, when your notes are all in order, you can e-mail them to the world. In an article for iMedical Apps, Dr. David Ahn reviewed seven different styluses. Check out his article to see which stylus might be right for you. The iXpenseIt app allows you to track expenses by date, transaction type, amount and more. Few of us truly like figuring out our expenses and planning a budget. But with the help of your iPad, such chores can be a lot less painful. Consider an app like iXpenseIt ($4.99 for full version, free for iXpenseIt Lite), where you can track your spending according to type or by date. XpenseIt is particularly useful if you accrue a lot of expenses for work: The app allows you to record mileage and also has a picture-taking feature to compile receipts. [url=http://cleantalkorg2.ru/article?08-05-2022-zvo789]sia [/url]

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    To do this, we’ll need to understand how current laptops are structured. Basically, the laptops with which we’re all familiar consist of many individual components, each fixed within a metal frame. The entire structure opens. Closes like a book. Not only does a traditional laptop’s metal frame form a rigid shell, but most of its internal components are bulky and rigid, too. The largest of these components is the screen, or display. There are several different types of modern computer displays, each built with different technologies, but most of today’s displays are inflexible, bulky and surprisingly fragile. The hard disk drive, used to store memory, is another large and rigid component of a traditional laptop. The list continues and includes many other components you’re probably familiar with, such as the CD/DVD drive and the battery. There are at least three main components to the Fabric PC design that will allow this to happen. First of all, the computer display will be constructed from a cutting-edge technology called e-paper, allowing the display screen to be paper-thin and bendable. As shown in Fig. 2, our reconstruction converges to stable results along with the increasing iterations during optimization. How deep should the model be? Can it be infinite? Is there a tuning-free framework to be used? If yes, how to use it for SCI reconstruction? By employing the most recent development of DEQ, we demonstrate that the answers to all the above questions are positive. We propose deep equilibrium models for video SCI, which fuses data-driven regularization and stable convergence in a theoretically sound manner. Each equilibrium model analytically computes the fixed point, thus enabling unlimited iterative steps and infinite network depth with only a constant memory requirement in training and testing. We derive convergence theory for each equilibrium model, to ensure the implicit operators in our models are nonexpansive. On a variety of simulations and real datasets, both quantitative and qualitative evaluations of our results demonstrate the effectiveness and stability of our proposed method. The underlying principle of SCI is to compress the 3D data cube into a 2D measurement by hardware, and then reconstruct the desired signal by algorithms. [url=http://cleantalkorg2.ru/article?08-05-2022-zvo789]soccer bbc [/url]

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    One perception is that Nessie is a surviving member of Plesiosauri from the Jurassic Period. Another mythical creature is Haggis which is a small hairy creature that is believed to roam the landscapes of Scotland. Some others describe it as a three-legged bird. Others say it’s a mammal with four legs. These furry animals tend to be more adored than Loch Ness, that is fundamentally considered a monster, and poet Burns even wrote Ode to the Haggis and it’s declaimed in Scotland whenever the recipe is offered. This men’s skirt or what’s really referred to as mens kilt is probably the most popular custom in Scotland that’s still being practiced now. In fact, kilts are so popular Scottish wedding has developed into a style where there are a multitude of kilts for rent to use for the occasion. Kilt generally is a Scottish word which means tucking up the clothes round the body. Previously it used to be a full-length garment which was similar to a dress or pulled up over the head like a cloak. It is only within the late 17th century where the men’s kilt shortened to use only for the bottom half. Minerals are substances formed naturally underground – think coal, quartz, salt. Like everything else, they’re made of elements, basic substances that can’t be broken down into simpler substances. Some minerals are single elements, like gold. When we’re assessing amounts of minerals in the world, it’s more complicated than there being a finite amount of resources that we’re using up over time. World mineral reserves are constantly revised based on estimated consumption and current production abilities. For example, in 1950, the estimated copper reserves totaled 100 million metric tons. Over the next 50 years, world copper producers extracted 339 million tons – by 1950 standards we should have run out of copper three times over. So it’s unlikely that Earth will ever run out of minerals. But will people ever experience mineral shortages? In a sense we’re always facing mineral shortages. Shortfalls and reduced production stimulate new mines, new technological innovations and lower standards for what counts as high-quality ore. We’re also using a wider array of minerals. [url=http://cleantalkorg2.ru/article?08-05-2022-zvo789]the fappening [/url]

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    Acoustic levitation allows small objects, like droplets of liquid, to float. Unless you travel into the vacuum of space, sound is all around you every day. But most of the time, you probably don’t think of it as a physical presence. You hear sounds; you don’t touch them. The only exceptions may be loud nightclubs, cars with window-rattling speakers and ultrasound machines that pulverize kidney stones. But even then, you most likely don’t think of what you feel as sound itself, but as the vibrations that sound creates in other objects. The idea that something so intangible can lift objects can seem unbelievable, but it’s a real phenomenon. Acoustic levitation takes advantage of the properties of sound to cause solids, liquids and heavy gases to float. The process can take place in normal or reduced gravity. In other words, sound can levitate objects on Earth or in gas-filled enclosures in space. You can even deduct the mileage used to drive your car as a volunteer for a charitable organization. To be able to deduct charitable donations, though, you need to itemize your deductions. Keep in mind that tax-deductible donations must be made to a nonprofit that can prove its 501(c)(3) tax status. Most legitimate charities state clearly on their websites or in their literature that they’re 501(c)(3) nonprofits, so it’s usually simple to verify. Another requirement is that you must keep a receipt. Again, legitimate nonprofits have systems in place to ensure that they’ll give you receipts for any and all donations. You also can’t technically give all your money away to charity and expect it to be tax-deductible. In general, you can only deduct up to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income in charitable donations. As with all financial planning and tax decisions, it might be best to see a professional accountant to be sure you don’t exceed the maximum.|Today’s wheat is a product of centuries of cross-breeding, but does that mean it has been genetically engineered? There’s been a lot of finger-pointing at wheat in recent years. Cases of celiac disease have skyrocketed and gluten-free diets are all the rage, with wheat being blamed for all sorts of ailments, from digestive problems and joint aches to diabetes and cancer. Today’s wheat plant, it’s said, has changed so much from its original version that people are no longer able to process it properly. Because of human intervention and the never-ending race to plant more crops and make more money, we’ve ruined the wheat plant and our bodies are suffering. It is true that modern bread wheat is entirely a product of human intervention. It’s known as semi-dwarf wheat: The plant is much shorter, and the grain is much smaller than its ancestors. Interference with the wheat plant is pretty old news, though – it’s been happening ever since our ancient ancestors started cultivating it about 10,000 years ago. [url=http://cleantalkorg2.ru/article?08-05-2022-zvo789]bbcmundo [/url]

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    Ask that salad dressings be served on the side or not at all. Then only use a few teaspoons. Substitute vinegar for salad dressing, or choose a low-calorie dressing. If you’re the kind of person who only likes salads that are dripping in salad dressing or who leaves half the salad in the bowl, you’re not doing yourself any favors by eating salad. Consider asking for a fresh vegetable side dish or a soup that is not cream-based instead of the salad. Request that sauces, gravies, and butter be served on the side or not at all. Then try the food without the topping first. You might find you like it on its own. If you decide to add the topping, use just a little. Ask for a baked potato, vegetables, or a salad in place of fried potatoes or fried onion rings. Avoid adding high-fat toppings, such as butter, cheese, or sour cream, to your potato. Instead, ask for salsa, cocktail sauce, or fresh horseradish – all are delicious and healthy choices on baked potatoes. You may be tired of constantly filling up your car and looking for ways to cut back, but not all fuel-saving methods are good choices. Engineers continuously work to make our engines run more efficiently. For as long as consumers have complained about gas prices, there has been an army of inventors offering devices to stretch our mileage further. It’s no wonder that these have become standard features — often government-mandated — on most modern cars and trucks. But other inventions have turned out to be hoaxes that do little for fuel efficiency and, in some cases, can actually hurt a vehicle’s mileage and cause dangerous engine damage. It’s sometimes difficult to separate the truly useful devices from the not-so-great ones, so read on to learn more about popular fuel-saving hoaxes and how they work. It’s abundant — the gaseous element combines with oxygen to make water –. Carries a tremendous amount of energy. [url=http://cleantalkorg2.ru/article?08-05-2022-zvo789]area 51 [/url]

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